GRAVES in its current form was established back in July 2017, when Brad Mitchell & Ash Barlow recruited Aaron Stagg (Staggy) on drums. Both Mitchell & Barlow had tracks down prior to this point but the vocals & lyrics had yet to be established Fast forward to October 2017 and Dan Shenton was brought in to complete the lineup.


Dan wrote all lyrics for all tracks and by December 2017 with already 13 tracks completed, we had our live Debut at Duffys Bar in Leicester.


We entered metal to the masses M2TM and on what was only our third gig we played our heat, which to our surprise & amazement we won. Getting the majority crowd & judges vote on the NIGHT, securing a place at the Quarter Finals.


We had a great run of shows with M2TM and managed to win the quarters and semis, securing our place in the Grand Final which was held on Sat 26/05/18 at the iconic DeMontfort Hall in Leicester as part of the Uprising Festival.


Although putting on the best performance to date we were unfortunately not Victor's on the night. Albeit we received glowing reviews from the gig from a number of media outlets who witnessed our performance and we were tipped as being a band to watch for the future.


In such a short space of time, our live performances, catapulted us with full force firmly into the music scene within Leicester, The East Midlands & the UK.


On May 20th we released our very first single "Unknown" which has recieved great reviews and has been featured as track of the month of June by Leicester based Noctone Artists.


Since the final of M2TM we have had numerous offers of gigs, both in leicester & further away. we have played numerous support gigs for numerous promoters and really have cemented our place as a Leicester band to watch We really have had a meteoric rise over the last year and we feel we have already made the impact we were hoping to create.


With our momentum in full swing, we have finished recording our first EP and full album with the EP expected in winter 2019, so very soon.


2018 really was our year. It was a mad rollercoaster ride & we are humbled with just how much positive feedback & love we have recieved to date.


Moving into 2019 we already have a UK tour and festival performances in the pipeline and another shot at metal to the masses to look forward to.